Ginetta Owners’ Club Celebrates 50th Birthday of the G11

The Ginetta Owners Club stand at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, held from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th   November at Birmingham’s NEC, is marking the 50th anniversary of the G11. Its engine was the 1.8 litre MGB unit but Ginetta had difficulty in obtaining BMC components so only six G11s were ever mad, making it one of the rarest cars in the show. The blue example on the club stand will be making its first public appearance in over 25 years.  

Joining it will be four other Ginettas, the oldest of which is a G4. This is the epitome of a GRP-bodied 1960s two-seater that could serve as everyday transport and at weekends turn a chartered accountant into the next Stirling Moss. In 1962 Motor Sport famously described it as a car that could ‘give a good account of itself in a race, then, with hood erected take the girlfriend out to a dance in a torrential downpour without ruining her hair do’. The G4 surely must rank in the Top Twenty of Most Aesthetically Stunning British Cars of All Time and this green and yellow Ginetta is still very much in use both on the road and in hill climbing events.   

Further delights of the stand include a fully restored - and extremely orange -  mid-engine G15, a prime representative of one of Ginetta’s most popular models. This was the company’s main attempt at a road car with 796 built between 1967 and 1974. The fibreglass coachwork was attached to a tubular steel chassis and the combination of familiar mechanics – Triumph Herald steering and a power plant from the Imp Sport. The result was one of the most entertaining cars of its day and G15’s are now much sought-after classics.  

Finally, as representatives of the younger generation of Ginettas, there will be a G27 – the G4 formula writ large with a choice of Ford engines and looks to match any Jaguar or Marcos -  plus a G33 resplendent in fire engine red. The 200 bhp 3,947cc V8 gives this particular Ginetta a top speed in the region of 150 mph. The G33 may be a good deal smaller than your average US muscle car but it in terms of performance it can certainly give them a run for their money.

See this fantastic display and meet the Ginetta Owners Club in Hall 2.

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