Naylor Car Club celebrates Heroes and Heroines with Club’s own living legends

Naylor Car Club celebrates Heroes and Heroines with Club’s own living legends

The Naylor Car Club will be celebrating the theme of heroes and heroines at the 2016 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, held from the 11th to 13th November at Birmingham’s NEC, by paying tribute to those who have had the biggest impact on the classic car club. 

Alastair Naylor created the Naylor Car Company back in 1985, while Freda Taylor is a founding member of the Naylor Car Club. Alongside the rest of the Naylor family, Alistair set about creating a new marque – a marque that would celebrate MG’s much-loved T-Type with the creation of the Naylor TF 1700.

As arguably one of the best-loved manufacturers in the world, MG fans around the world were broken-hearted when British Leyland chose to close the iconic Abingdon factory in 1980.

The MG T-Types were responsible for the marque’s widespread popularity during the 1950s as WWII servicemen returned home from Europe following the end of hostilities – many of them took MGs home with them and those who didn’t were soon keen to buy one – MG couldn’t make them fast enough and huge numbers of T-Types crossed the Atlantic Ocean as Britain’s post-war export drive began to boom. 

Despite production ending in the 1950s, enthusiasm for the TF remained and Alistair capitalised on it - having enjoyed success on the track in an original MG TF and he was blessed with a fondness and a familiarity for what is often regarded as the last of the traditional MGs. 

Just over 160 Naylor TFs were created during the 1980s with the new Naylor Car Company enjoying support and even warranties from the-then owner of MG, Austin Rover Group. 

Like any marque, the Naylor TF quickly found itself in the hands of enthusiasts and this led to the formation of the Naylor Car Club in 1994.  In its infancy, the club was dependant on the enthusiasm of a few key members, none more than Freda Taylor, the club’s only remaining founder member. 

And so it seems only fitting that with this year’s theme in mind that the club should celebrate the theme of ‘Heroes and Heroines’ by having not only the marque’s founder, but also the club’s founders at this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show. 

David Naylor, Alistair’s brother and club member said “It was my brother that drove the passion and enthusiasm to recreate a 1950s car with 1980s engineering. He took all of the financial risks to achieve this dream.  But without the unstinting energy and enthusiasm of Freda, the club would be in a very sorry state, she is our heroine.”

Alistair and Freda will be at the show for all three days and the Naylor Car Club is welcoming visitors to come and visit the stand in Hall 4 to celebrate its very own hero and heroine.

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