The Classic Motor Show NEC Birmingham November 15th 16th 17th
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What Our Visitors Say...


Below are a selection of comments in response to our last visitor survey. Most are very complimentary, some suggest where we might do better, a few we've simply left in for comedy value! 

The question posed, at the end of a long survey, was this:

"Q28 Finally if possible please sum up your overall feelings about the Classic Motor Show in one short sentence. We may publish this but if so this would be anonymous - your name would NOT be included."

We had several hundred answers, here is just a small selection of them. None have been edited in any way by us:

The Good:

"It is a fantastic event, where you can lose yourself for as long as you are in one of the halls. The cars evoke so many memories particularly of childhood and the event is as much about our society and how cars provide an iconic view of the UK way of life over the years. Absolutely Priceless!!"

"Great feel good factor, it gives me the enthusiasm to prepare my car / bike ready for the forthcoming season. Roll on the sun."

"By far the best show of it's kind in terms of atmosphere; diversity of what's on show; advice ; friendliness and just great fun !!"

"Completely brilliant, there was so much to see next time I will likely come 2 days in a row!"

"An unbelievable experience to see some of the greatest motors ever made. As a first time visitor I was blown away by the show and hope to return each year! Great success thank you for an amazing 2 days!!!"

"A very comprehensive resource for anyone thinking of buying or restoring a classic car, and a great day out with plenty of automotive eye candy."

"The best day of the year when all the car clubs, retailers and enthusiasts can get together and enjoy the classic car movement together."

"We fly in on Friday morning from Denmark, with empty heads and leave at night full of experience and items to talk about for weeks"

"A thoroughly enjoyable day out for not only the genuine car and bike classic enthusiast like myself but for the whole family."

"A great weekend,real value for money,plenty to see and do,cant wait for the 2011 show"

"A good day out for all the family with something for everyone, even the wife enjoyed it!"

"A fantastic day out for all the family - from 9 to 90 +!"

"First time I've been certainly will not be the last. Two thumbs up."

"I attend with another enthusiast & we both thoroughly enjoy the show & try not to miss it each year. It goes down first on the calendar in January so everyone knows about it. We travel quite painless via the train right into the venue `& return likewise. So civilised. What a day! Brilliant."

"I had the most informative `& entertaining day, fantastic!"

"It is a great show and we will there again. See we have a lot of great shows in Germany. Essen ist 10 miles far away. It is a long 3 day journey to Birmingham only for a show, but it was very positive."

"Its everything a classic car or bike enthusiast would want from a car or bike show."

The Not-So-Good:

"Excellent show and exhibitors, although your website badly lets the game down. Sort it out!" (We listened and came up with this all-new site. We hope you like it!)

"Fantastic day out. Could have been more classic motorcycle clubs but this I'm sure will change as the event grows." (That is our absolute intention - watch this space!)

"Good event, but layout and signage could be improved to make it easier to make sure that you can easily take in all the stands." (Floorplans will be available to download pre-show, and don't forget that the showguide contains all the plans too)

"Great show well organised ,overpriced food `&drink" (Thanks for making the distinction though. We don't control the catering at the show, the NEC as our 'landlords' do. Their food offering and choice is getting better and better, but you are welcome to bring a packed lunch if you wish)

"I felt some of the halls were excellent, but others were a real let down. I think you've guessed I'm not a fan of the autojumble section." (If there wasn't an autojumble we'd probably have a riot on our hands(!), but this clearly demonstrates that people visit for all sorts of different reasons)

"Show very good. Car parking rather expensive." (Thanks for making the distinction. Again, unfortunately the NEC as our 'landlords' own and operate the car parking and collect all monies)

"Superb. With exception of not many seats." (This is a tough one. The simple fact is that; more seats = less cars. We think that, on balance, you'd prefer more cars. There is lots of free seating out on the main concourse. You can always pop out for a rest/eat your lunch and come back in)

"A good show but getting too big to view everything in a day." (This is actually a fairly common comment/complaint. This year we're intorducing 2 and 3-day passes. Other than that, we're certainly not going to start removing content!)

The Vaguely Amusing:

"My son must have been bored to tears with all the stories I told him about the part played in my life by so many of the displayed cars."

"Rewarding and enjoyable experience and always good to meet fellow bores and enthusiasts."

"Spent a fortune on everything from art, old advertisments and parts, then spent another fortune shipping it all back to New Zealand."

"Excellent experience for any classic enthusiast. Just remember to keep a tight grip on the plastic and prepare plenty of excuses for your partner to justify what was spent!"

"Great show shame its not at a warmer time of year I would have liked to have come in my Porsche or Mercedes with the top down but had to use the Rolls instead at least it meant we could split the fuel 4 ways even comeing from Canterbury in Kent it was half the price of train tickets" (Good to see that economy is still a priority for you despite all the rather expensive cars...)

"MORE DOLLY BIRDS, I AM 79 BUT I STILL LIKE LOOKING,THEY MAKE AN OLD MANS EYES LIGHT UP." (Note the capital letters here - he really means it!) 

and, finally:


"I walked into the show and thought I had died and gone to heaven." 



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Meet Discovery Channel's 'Wheeler Dealers'!

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Your club at the next show?

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