90 Years of Volvo

90 Years of Volvo

This year marks the 90th Anniversary of Volvo Cars and to celebrate the Volvo Owners’ Club will be putting on a display of cars to represent many of the models produced over the decades. This will be one of the largest displays by the Club for several years.

The line-up begins four years into car production with a 1931 PV651 which is one of only a few left out of 5000 made, with PV544 Sport from 1965 and is a sporty version of the standard PV544. This model was only made with left hand drive.

The 122S Amazon from 1965 was the first right hand drive Volvo car that was sold in the UK and has become one of the best known Volvo cars and often used in rallying.

Superseded by the 144 in 1971 it was the forerunner to one of the biggest selling Volvo cars, the 240. The 1972 1800ES which is the estate version of the 1800 that was made famous by the late Sir Roger Moore as The Saint.

A now rare 265 from 1978 is next and is the estate version of the 200 series model. It was sold as an Executive car and had the more powerful V6 engine.

Volvo Car’s image changing 850 will be a1996 850R which is the most sought after version and only made in small numbers towards the end of the production that in 1997.

Although Volvo made a convertible in 1957 it never saw full production so the C70 in 2003 was the first fully produced Volvo convertible. To end the timeline the Volvo Owners’ Club will have either the new V90 Cross Country or the new XC60.

The Volvo Owners’ Club stand is in Hall 5 and stand number 550 with a discounted membership fee during the show.