Beeston to Bournville – the Middlebridge Way

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Mention of the Scimitar car, even in polite society, will evoke the inevitable response “…didn’t Princess Anne have one of those?” and Yes - they would be right.
What is not generally known is that HRH Princess Royal still owns and drives her Middlebridge Scimitar to this day. Princess Anne is one of the four-known owners who have had their Scimitars from new - and the Royal enthusiast’s car will be at the show on MIddlebridge Enthusiasts Scimitar Set stand 8-145.  As a keen advocate of the marque, HRH has very kindly lent the club her Middlebridge, the fifth Scimitar made, for this Prestigious Classic Car Show to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of these rare, bespoke, hand-built cars - just 79 cars were made in Nottingham between 1989 - 1990.
Designer of the car, Tom Karen of Ogle Design said: “I consider the Middlebridge to be the ultimate incarnation of the Scimitar”.
Production abruptly ceased, sadly, when Middlebridge contested the authenticity (in Court), of a Bentley they had recently bought called ‘Old No. 1’. Middlebridge lost the case and were presented with a hefty £10m bill which also saw the end of the Classic Car restoration unit in Milton Keynes, the Horse Racing Team and the Formula 1 Car Racing Team, which was also sponsored by Cadbury’s the Birmingham chocolatiers. Many years later the verdict was seen to be questionable.

Alongside Princess Anne’s car is one of the racing cars which has been totally restored and has been re-painted exactly as it was in 1989, complete with the Cadbury’s logos adorning it. This car was the subject of the oil-painting (above) showing it racing on the Birmingham Ring Road during the 1989 Superprix. The driver depicted is Mark Blundell, but the team also consisted of Damon Hill, David Brabham, Arnould Guiot, et al.
    You are warmly invited to visit our Stand to see a collection of fine Middlebridge Scimitars, including Princess Anne’s and the Cadbury race car, plus some owned by the enthusiastic ‘MESS’ membership.