Capris make NEC Debut for Club Display

Capris make NEC Debut for Club Display

Capri Club International is bringing five Family Ties themed cars to this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, none of which have been on display at the NEC previously. Each of the Capris being showcased have a different link to family events such as weddings, prom night, and family holidays.

Steve Evans’ 1970 MK1 1600L Automatic was found abandoned and restored by Steve with over 1,000 hours of serious hard work. The previous owner sent it to a friend’s spray shop where it had sat for 15 years.

On April 15, 2016 Steve began the strip down and full re-build. Stripped to the bare shell, Steve re-built the engine, transmission, and suspension, fitted and repaired many of the panels, refitted and repaired the interior and treated the shell to a bare- metal re-spray. Ally Cat wheels were the finishing touch to this stunning MKI Capri, which is now the bride rather than the bridesmaid.

The majority of Craig Scott's MKII 3000GT is from 1975/76 MKII. An eclectic mix of colours and additional panels including a Capri 280 tailgate, and donor doors and bonnet from other Capris.

The roof rack complete with luggage has attracted the attention and comments from many Capri fans, and is perfect to demonstrate bygone family holidays with calls from the back seat of 'Are we there yet?'

Francis Ellingworth's MKIII 1.6 Laser was purchased in 1990 with just over 30,000 miles on the clock. This Laser Capri has been part of the Ellingworth family for over 26 years and have since clocked-up close to 300,000 miles!

This Capri is a true ‘daily drive’ but over the years, the elements have taken their toll on the bodywork. After collecting many parts and panels over the years, a full restoration began in 2015. Welding of existing panels, the addition of new panels and a full re-spray have brought this beautiful Capri back to it’s former glory!

Having grown up around Capris, Clare Ellingworth’s MKIII 2.0s or ‘Carla’ as she's known, was bought in a backwards way. Clare bought the spare wheel a year before she was offered the car in 2007. Carla from the outset was always going to be Clare’s Capri.

Since 2008, Carla has received a constant rolling restoration including a new door in August after a local hit-and-run incident. In June, Carla ran faultlessly to Speyer, Germany.

Paul Thorpe has owned his 1980 MKIII V8 since 2002 and bought it as an unfinished project. Paul took the car apart and fitted the X-pack correctly and re-built the engine completely 14 years ago. The Capri was re-sprayed by Paul, complete with distinctive blue stripes that were sprayed on rather than vinyl.

This Capri has been dis-played at many car show, meetings and used for wedding and proms for friends and family.

See Capri Club International in Hall 5, stand 785