Showcasing a complete line-up of the early ‘Wedge’, including the now nearly extinct entry-level version, www.leylandprincess.co.uk is paying homage to the original version which ceased production 35 years ago.

The 1975 Flamenco red Princess 1800HL has recently been restored by Karen Gray. It was her late father's car which was first registered on 10th October 1975 which, according to the club’s records, makes it the oldest production Princess in the club. 

Karen explains” "My Dad bought the car in February 1980 but unfortunately died a soon after. The car was then put in the garage and apart from a few months when my brother used it to go to work and to pull the caravan on a couple of family holidays she has remained off the road ever since. Eleven years ago my Mum died and the car came to my husband and I. Due to other commitments - work and other classic cars - we finally got around to trying to resurrect her in late 2014.

With just over 30,000 miles on the clock she really wasn't too bad. The engine ran but the Hydragas suspension had dropped as well as one or two other things which had gone into hibernation and needed waking up."

"By August 2017 a well deserved respray was completed and all the trim and fittings were replaced before taking her for her first MoT since October 1983. Much to our delight and amazement she passed with no advisories. Now she could at last be enjoyed as a fitting tribute to my father."

See this stunning car along with the rest of the ‘Wedges’ on display on the Stand 685 in Hall 4.