Mike Brewer’s #ProjectMGA to be revealed at NEC Classic

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show with Discovery, Project MGA with Mike Brewer

Wheeler DealersMike Brewer is looking forward to this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery for more reasons than usual as it will be the very first time he sees the final results of #ProjectMGA – the restoration of his 1959 MGA Roadster.

Found in California and shipped to the UK, Mike asked the MG Car Club for advice on what to do with the MGA and after a public vote at a previous NEC show, the decision was made to restore the car back to its former glory.

Mike and the MG Car Club have teamed up with Rally Preparation Services to manage the restoration and Moss Europe to provide all the parts. The car is undergoing a full restoration, with the #ProjectMGA team looking to unveil the finished car to Mike at the NEC in November.

They need to get cracking though as a recent video showed Mike and RPS talking about upgrading the MGA engine to something that is more suitable to modern motoring. Should they rebuild the original or replace with the higher powered MGB engine?

Mike has brought various cars to the show over the years – his Mustang Fastback, Camaro SS and more recently, his Citroen SM. So why the MGA?

Of all the cars MG have ever built, the MGA is for me, the best” explains Mike. “Now don’t get me wrong – I can see the appeal in a Triple M, I know the MGB tends to be people’s go-to MG and I’ve enjoyed a ZR 160 or two in my time, but for me, the MGA is the one.

With the MGA it’s got such a great story with it – from the legendary EX cars that entered into Le Mans, the twin-cam, even Elvis owned one – there’s something really special about the A.

Those gorgeous lines that Syd Enever sketched all those years ago just seem to get better and better every year – from the moment we sold the MGA on Wheeler Dealers I’ve wanted to do another one. I can’t wait to see the finished car at the NEC and get behind the wheel.

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