One in a billion rare racer on Ginetta Owner's Club Stand

Classic Motor Show Ginetta Owners Club

Coming to this year's show? Well, you're in for a treat! You can expect a very rare and special exhibit on the Ginetta Owner’s Club stand, one that very few marque enthusiasts will have seen before.

The vehicle in question is the only Ginetta G8 ever built, and the company’s first single-seater racing car that appeared in 1964. Designed to compete in Formula 3, it made its debut at Snetterton on 30 August that year, driven by Chris Meek and finished the race in fourth position.

The monocoque body was constructed from two glass-fibre mouldings that were bonded to a steel chassis, with sub-frames front and rear to carry the suspension and engine/transmission. It was originally powered by a 1000cc Holbay-tuned engine. Complex and time-consuming to build, the G8 remained a one-off.

Later sold by Ginetta, it was used in hill climb events during the 1970s before being put into storage. It was then purchased in 2018 by the current owner, Bill Cowing, who is undertaking a comprehensive restoration with the aim of returning the car to the track.

“I knew it was a really important car in Ginetta’s history and a great project, and it was in better condition than I expected” says Bill. Although the chassis wasn’t corroded there was still plenty of work to do, while challenges included ensuring the car met current safety regulations. That required the addition of a new fuel tank as well as a different roll-over bar, safety belts, and fire extinguisher. Bill is looking forward to competing in historic race events in 2020. 

Ginetta Owner's Club Press Officer, David Doolan added: “This is a very significant car in the Ginetta story, and even I’ve never seen it before. So, we are very proud to have it on our stand at this year’s show.”