Porsche Classic

Porsche Classic
Porsche Classic
Porsche Classic celebrated 40 years of the 928 at the 2017 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery.
To mark the anniversary, four UK Porsche Classic Partner Centres entered a 1978 928 in the 2017 season of the HSCC 70s Road Sport Championship, with racing legend Richard Attwood at the wheel. 

In 1977, Porsche launched an all new front-engined sports car. Originally designed as a replacement for the 911, the 928 was a luxurious grand tourer powered by a Porsche designed 4.5l V8 engine producing 240hp. A focus on lightweight construction saw the extensive use of aluminium for the body panels rather than traditional sheet steel.

The 928 never did replace the 911 yet still secured its place in Porsche history as an outstanding luxury GT car and the last of the traditional 2-door, transaxle models.
And there may be even more to celebrate in the coming weeks as Richard Attwood is currently leading his class in the HSCC competition with just two more meetings until the end of the season.

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