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Boston Classic Car Club is delighted to be attending with 5 cars including two very rare vehicles.
Boston Classic Car Club is delighted to be attending the Classic Motor Show at the NEC once again. It has 5 cars on our stand this year and they include two very rare vehicles which were won in two different Heinz competitions many years ago.

Firstly a Wolseley Hornet Crayford Convertible in Tweed grey with Red Leather Seats. This is one of the rare 57 Wolseley Hornets which were converted by Crayford’s and given away by Heinz Soups in a competition in 1966. The competition was to match Heinz Soups to a list of sandwiches that you would take on a picnic. Each car came complete with a picnic basket, electric kettle, picnic blanket, insulated compartments for the sandwiches in the rear side pockets, a Max Factor make-up for the ladies and a removable radio. The original winners name unknown, there are believed to be 41 left and is affectionately known as Norman and owned by John Fisher.

The second Heinz winner is one of 100 Rover Metro Heinz Special Edition supplied as a limited edition for Heinz to give away in a competition in 1991. The competition was on labels on Heinz labels on the tins. Each car came in special livery with a Heinz Atlas and first aid kit, the car was also fitted with extra spotlights. Cars had H57 registration numbers with the winners chosen initials. The winner's name was Mrs Freeman. This vehicle is thought to be the only one left on the road. It has Red / Grey exterior & the interior is Grey. It is affectionately known as Beany and owned by Victoria Fisher.

Our third exhibit is a 1961 Ford Prefect 107e in Green & White (originally all green), with two-tone Green PVC seats & green carpet Owned by Dave Brooks, the car was restored before it was purchased it in Dec 2017 and little else is known of its previous history.

The fourth exhibit is a 1951 Ford Anglia E494A in Black, the interior is Brown/Tan and is affectionately known as:  ‘Gramp's Anglia’ by the owner Tim York’s  son and grandson Originally registered NMB 644 to William Edward Townsend of Wilmslow Cheshire until finding it's way to the Burton on Trent area in 1971.  Purchased by Tony and his brother in 1997, as a retirement present for my father John York who fully restored it. The car has been on the road since 2005 and brought back many happy memories of one they had as their family car in the 1960s. Following his father’s sad passing in January 2017 it now resides in Somerset amongst John’s small classic collection. Along with the next two generations of enthusiasts his son and grandson. Tony enjoys taking her to shows and events where there is always someone who owned one or learnt to drive in one. The members hope you enjoy looking at her as much as Tony enjoys owning and driving “Gramps Anglia”.

The fifth car is an Austin J40 owned by Malcolm Webb and often exhibited at classic car shows, Malcolm bought his J40 early in the 1990s.

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