Wheeler Dealers Mike & Ant in Charity Build Off

Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer & Ant Anstead in Charity Build Off

Having launched in April, Lancaster Insurance’s Charity Build Off with Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead is in full swing! In aid of charity, Team Mike is currently restoring a 1989 Ford Escort XR3i whilst Team Ant is building a 1950s inspired Grand Prix racer, with the view of the completed projects being auctioned at the show in November, who’s corner will you be in #ClassicRumble

The ultimate aim is to raise funds for two incredibly worthwhile causes, Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation (Mike’s beneficiary) and Harrison’s Fund (Ant’s beneficiary) who will each benefit from the sale of their respective ambassadors incredible car; meaning whatever the outcome, both are winners. 

To further support the initiative, Lancaster has pledged to donate up to £5 to charity for customers who quote TeamMike and TeamAnt (£1 for every classic car quote provided and a further £4 if the policy is purchased). The amount raised by 31st December 2017 will then be split equally between the two causes and the customer will also receive £15 off their premium too! To get a quote call the team today on 01480 400950.  

Mike said: “It's always a delight getting the chance to bring a classic car back to life and to do it for charity in conjunction with Lancaster Insurance makes this build even more special. I’ve chosen an everyman car that I hope will have huge appeal and with the right team behind the project I know we can raise some much needed funds for the Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation!”

Ant commented: "Being able to combine two things I am passionate about is a no brainer for me! I get to build a car and at the same time help Harrison’s Fund, a charity which is very close to my heart. Oh, and battle off against Mike Brewer! Wait that's three things I love! Oh this just gets better. Lancaster Insurance has just become the ultimate match maker… bring it on!”

Andrew Evanson, Senior Operations Manager for Lancaster Insurance, comments: “We’re delighted to have two of the biggest stars in the classic car industry on board for this fantastic charity initiative and the auction in November, should certainly be one to remember! We’re also thrilled to be providing up to £5 to charity for every policy we sell that references TeamMike or TeamAnt. Every single penny makes a difference to these two incredible causes we’ll be doing our very best to support them throughout the year.”   

 Find out more here https://www.lancasterinsurance.co.uk/mike-vs-ant/what-is-the-classic-rumble/