Bugatti Owners' Club

Stand number: 1-325


The magnificent Type 57 Bugatti

Pulling out all the stops, the Bugatti Owners’ Club and The Bugatti Trust will jointly be displaying a selection of very rare and unique Type 57 and Type 57S Bugatti's at this year's show.

The Type 57 and 57S Bugatti's on display will include the ex-Lord Howe Type 57S, the ex-Ronnie Symondson Corsica bodied Type 57S, and a Vanvooren coach-built Type 57S. Since there are only four Type 57S's in this country, to have arranged for three to be on display is remarkable!

Over the three days of the show, The Bugatti Trust will also be running a photography competition focusing on the beauty of Bugatti engineering of the Type 57S engine. There will be three age groups: Under 11, Under 16, and 16 and over. 

Bringing the French crème de la crème to show this weekend, swing by the club's stand (1-325) to take in these beauties!

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