Gordon-Keeble Owners' Club

Stand number: 3-142


One of the last true Gordon-Keebles!

This year, in perfect keeping with the show's theme, the Gordon-Keeble Owners' Club stand 3-142 will feature two cars, each in their own way emphasising the renowned longevity of the marque.

The first of the displays, chassis no. 81, was built at the Eastleigh factory at the airport and was one of the last cars to be assembled in the spring of 1965 before the company folded. This classic was the subject of a complete restoration some 5 years ago, with the justifiable expectation that it is now '(re)built to last'!

The second car carries the number 100 which was painstakingly built in 1970 by one of the marque's concessionaires in North London from spare parts left over following the collapse of production. Since then, it’s only been lightly refurbished. It is believed that 90 of the original 99 production cars survive, of which around 75 examples are still on the road.