Historic Lotus Register

Stand number: 2-840


Historic Lotus Register Ltd is celebrating 70 years of Lotus road and race car technical innovation that has endured through to current models produced by Lotus Cars today. 

HLR will demonstrate on stand 2-840 how Colin Chapman's Lotus rapidly developed technical concepts over the first 15 years from Austin 7 chassis derived sports cars in 1948  (we will have the one and only Mk 2 on the stand), through to the Mk V1 road / race car (100 made with early semi space frame), to the early aerodynamic de Dion cars with MG engined Mark 1X (Lotus first Le Mans entry - less than 30 made).  In order to illustrate the unusual, we will omit the iconic Lotus X1 this year, to move on to first single seater rear Climax engined 1960 Lotus 18 F1 car (Lotus first F1 winner), to a later 1962 Lotus 23B sports car of the type that Jim Clark drove to trounce the competition at the Nurburgring, and a 1963 Lotus 27 single seater with the first and only monocoque chassis in the Formula Junior series.

Of course, the stand would not be complete without the beautiful Lotus Elite Mk14 roadgoing coupe - a revolutionary fibre glass monocoque chassis conceived in 1957 which went on to achieve six class wins at Le Mans from 59 to 64, and the ubiquitous and iconic 1957 Lotus Seven road sports car of the type that even raced in the 1962 South African Grand Prix (which was won by Jim Clark in another Lotus - the 24!).  

Not bad for the first 15 years of Lotus under Colin Chapman's leadership, who was described disparagingly by Enzo Ferrari as "a garagist"!!