MGF Register

Stand number: 8-310


The MGF Register will be celebrating the MGF & TFs that were built by MG Rover and MG Motors at Longbridge in Birmingham at the show in November. The stand will include a very early production model MGF that has just undergone a full restoration, one of the limited edition MGF Trophy 160s and a later model, MGTF in a limited edition, monogram colour.

Snowdrop, the 1995 MKI model is one of the earliest cars still driving on the road. The MGF Trophy is one of the rarer colours produced whilst the MGTF colour is, Chromactive Typhoon, which was one of the 20 exclusive body colours offered on the MGTF. The MGF is heading towards its 25th Anniversary in 2020 and the MGF Register has already started planning the birthday bash for the latest sports car that MG manufactured. Or will it be the last?