Midlands Austin Seven Club

Stand number: 8-140


The Midlands Austin Seven Club will be displaying four cars on the stand. One of which will be 80 years old this year. The other three will be at least 85 years old. They are :

1927 Austin 7 Chummy

1929 Austin 7 RK saloon

1932 Austin 7 RN saloon

1938 Austin 7 Ruby

In addition we are having a display engine, which is the supercharged sports version. The Ruby will be celebrating its 80th Birthday. The RK saloon was last at the show in 2015 as a chassis, now fully assembled and on the road. All the cars were certainly “Built to last” and are still being driven on the road. Perhaps reflecting the 1930’s Austin advertising slogan “You buy other cars, but you invest in an Austin”