North Wales Classic Fords


North Wales Classic Fords was founded back in 2004.   At that time, whilst there were many fantastic Classic Ford vehicles and owners scattered across the North Wales area, what was missing, was some structure.  This is where the idea of forming the group came from.

With monthly meetings being arranged by text (remember this was pre-social media) the guys in North Wales wanted to bring people together.  They went about creating an online forum, which evolved over time, saw member numbers increase and from there, coordination of events and regular meets started to occur.  By 2007 the first of what would be many “Snowdonia Tours” took place with year on year the events growing in size.  By 2012, events with 125 cars were common place and places highly sought after.
The group has evolved and utilised social media to its advantage, hosting an array of events, such as mystery tours, breakfast meets, evening blasts, weekend tours and even adventures overseas.
North Wales Classic Fords has maintained its group ethos, one which was voted for by its members; to cater for RWD cars from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Currently, we have 100E’s, 105E’s, Capri’s, Cortina’s, a few early Granada’s, mustangs, oh…. and well over 150 MK1 and MK2 Escorts!!  Standard to modified, rat-look to concours, we cater for them all and each member’s car is their own pride and joy and respected for what it is.
New members are made to feel welcome, are encouraged to participate in group events and supported with any tips/advice/support they need, whether it be a minor technical query through to hands on help with a restoration.  It’s always been a fee free, friendly, fun place to be and it’s a fantastic social atmosphere where members have made life long friends.  As group admins, Dave and Aled are proud to have created this platform and bring these people together.  It’s the people that make the group what it is, the cars are a bonus!
NWCF is also proud to say, as a group, and with support of friends and family of all the members,  we have raised a huge sum of money for charities over the years.  Wishing to put something back in to their local community, the folks at NWCF have specifically support Hope House Childrens Hospice and to date have raised over £73,000 with online and offline donations for this cause.  NWCF would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed over the years.

Our members are of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets.  We’re very fortunate to have exceptionally talented individuals with vast mechanical and technical knowledge.  There’s always someone willing to help and people just look out for one another.  It’s a great friendly environment, people just get on, there are no cliques.
Over the last 16 years we’ve regularly ventured overseas, exploring most of north and southern Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland and even Germany.  We’ve got plans to do more trips in future too.  Last year saw 10 cars and 22 people head off to Ghent in Belgium.  That was a fantastic trip, something we’d be keen to repeat in future.
2021 is going to be a busy year, we’ve got some catching up to do after 2020!!  There will be meets, shows, tours and more!

Thank you from all at North Wales Classic Fords