Retro Caravan Club

Stand number: 8-100


100 Years of caravanning as we know it today.

Retro Caravan Club will be celebrating 100 years of caravanning as we know it today.  With the end of WW1 we also celebrates100 years of the 'Trailer Caravan'. When the War ended in November of 1918, several manufactures got together and decided to use redundant artillery axles to build caravans to be towed by cars, instead of pulled by horses, as they had been before.

To really catch your eye, there will be seven vehicles exhibiting on stand 8-100, presenting iconic caravans throughout history and showing all aspects of the club:

1918 Eccles Box - (One of the First caravans to be built after WWI, showing pre-war aspect of the Club) 12ft x 6ft

1946 Eccles Alert - (One of the First caravans to be built after WWII) 13ft x 6ft6

1958 VW Samba Camper - (A 'people's camper') 14ft x 5ft6

1965 Henon Harmonie - (Showing the American aspect of the Club) 15ft x 6ft8

1966 Triumph Herald - (Showing the Classic Car aspect of the Club) 12ft x 4.9ft

1973 Sprite 400 - (A 'peoples caravan' of the 1970s, the most affordable caravan, not many survive but everyone remembers them) 10ft x 6ft6

1978 Viking Fibreline - (An iconic 1970s caravan painted to match the Triumph Herald). 10ft x 6ft6