Riley RM Club

Stand number: 3-045


Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Riley RM Roadster with a stand devoted to Roadsters. As the production increased due to ever increasing demand, a new model was planned in the form of a “2½ litre Open Sports Tourer”, now more commonly known as the RM “Roadster”. After an earlier fact-finding mission to the USA, it was introduced in July 1948 for export sales only. It was a low-line 3 seater with capacious boot and large 20 gallon fuel tank and was aimed at long distance cruising in style. Produced in both left and right hand drive versions, exporting worldwide was given priority before the home market was opened in September 1949.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the cars introduction and with an extremely high survival rate, probably as many as 255 worldwide out of a production run of 474, over a two and a half year period, these cars were certainly “BUILT TO LAST”.

The Riley RM Club has, with its main aim being ‘The Preservation of all RM Rileys’ been at the forefront of providing British Motor Heritage Approved parts to members of the Club so as to ensure that these wonderful cars are used and enjoyed for years to come.  The success of the RM Club is envied by many and as 2019 marks our 50th Anniversary we look forward to going from strength to strength and encouraging more owners to enjoy “Magnificent Riley Motoring”.


Riley takes to the Discovery Live Stage for Built to Last project at NEC Classic