Standard-Triumph Forum

Stand number: 8-320


Triumphant classics spanning 70 years

The Standard-Triumph Forum is an umbrella group for all clubs connected to Standard or Triumph cars, who meet to exchange ideas and facilitate inter-club cooperation, they also organise an annual gathering – the Standard Triumph Marque Day – for all owners irrespective of their club affiliation!
Joining us at this year's show, the individual Standard and Triumph clubs will present imaginative and eye-catching displays in Hall 4, whilst the Standard-Triumph Forum's stand nearby in the brand new Hall 8 will complement these displays by presenting an exciting snapshot of the entire history of both marques with a timeline that cuts across club boundaries.
Squeezing an impressive 12 cars onto the stand, discover timeless classics from the pre-WWI era right through to the last Triumphs of the 1980s. See how the marques evolved and models changed as technology progressed and customer tastes developed. It promises to be a fascinating at-a-glance overview of how the British motor industry grew and matured across eight decades.