Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club Ltd

Stand number: 4-592


Come to Hall 4 and meet the Club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the cars made by the original Triumph Motor Company in Coventry, between 1923 and 1939. Our Club, although small, is truly worldwide and, of the three hundred or so members, enthusiastic and active members meet in the United States, Australia and, of course, the UK.

In this short but vital part of Triumph’s history, it is estimated that some 35,000 cars were manufactured. Such is their rarity that now only 500 are known to exist and today you will see eye-catching examples of their model range:

Early cars are represented by a 1928 ‘Hoyal’ bodied Super Seven. This car, based on the regular Super Seven chassis is fitted with a fixed head coupe body and ‘Dickie’ seat, and is one of the first British production cars to have four-wheel hydraulic braking.

‘GLORIA’ was the name synonymous with Triumph in the 1930s. The Club will present three examples:

APW 300 is the only surviving 1936 Gloria Vitesse Tourer and has remained in the current ownership since 1963. Now fully restored, it has a six-cylinder, 2-litre Climax engine and is regularly used at Club meetings and local events.

ACL 991 is a Gloria ‘Fourteen’ Six Light Saloon and was registered in January 1938. This car is one of the last of the Gloria models and is fitted with Triumph’s OHV engine. The previous owner had the car from the early 1960s but in 2014 a full restoration was undertaken.

ELP 433 is a 1937 Vitesse, the model which superseded the Gloria but was similar in many ways. This car has a six-cylinder, two-litre engine and a synchromesh gearbox. This car has had two restorations in its time, the last of which was an eight year project.

Finally, USX 335 represents the Dolomite models made from 1936 and is a fine example of the 1.5 litre Sports Saloon. This car, first registered in 1938, was recently repatriated from Australia and showcases the luxurious interiors of all 1930s Triumphs.