RAC Rally of the Tests 2019

RAC Rally of the Tests 2019

A special treat awaits visitors to this year’s show as classic rallying specialists, HERO Events, brings the 2019 RAC Rally of the Tests to the NEC for the very first time. The Rally attracts a wonderful selection of classic and vintage vehicles with crews battling it out to set the fastest time to lift the winner’s trophy at the finish line.

On Saturday, cars and crews competing in the RAC Rally of the Tests, arguably one of the UK’s toughest events, will take on an indoor course, within the show, to complete a speed and agility test. This will mark the half-way point of the Rally, and crews will be waved away from the NEC to continue with the event. On hand to provide commentary and interviews will be motorsport expert, former rally driver and HERO Communications Director, Tony Jardine.

RAC Rally of the Tests

Rally of the Tests

This year’s RAC Rally of the Tests takes place from 7-10 November and sees more than 60 crews set out from the start in Torquay. Over the course of 750 miles, they will head to Bristol and into Wales, tackling a challenging mix of tests and regularities before reaching the finish line in Chester. Competing for prestigious awards, there is also a superb mix of entries from a 1936 Derby Bentley to MGs, Porsches, Minis, and plenty more. 

Visit the HERO for more information on the full RAC Rally of the Tests programme.