Restoration Theatre



Want to find out about classic vehicle restoration, be it to work on your own project or tempted by a career change?

The Restoration Theatre offers visitors the opportunity to learn from expert mechanics and renovators. Here you can benefit from the expertise of the specialised team from Gilbert-Michaelson Ltd, led by co-founder Mike Coman.

Mike and his team have a wealth of knowledge and experience of classic car restoration under their belts and are more than happy to advise members of the audience and demonstrate their skills. Focusing on body work, you can get expert advice - either as part of the general audience or on a one-to-one basis - on panel repairs, lead loading, and more. 

Restoration Theatre


Gilbert-Michaelson is a specialist, skilled classic car body shop and restoration specialist based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The company, established in 2015, draws upon the combined 40+ years experience of Steve Gilbertson and Michael Coman in restoring classic cars themselves and teaching people the skills required to restore their own classics.

Offering a high quality, personalised service to all of their clients, both new and returning, Steve and Michael's skills range from body shop work and paint refurbishing to mechanical expertise.

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