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Alternative Fuels 2022

Classic Motor Show 2022

Hyundai Nexo

Alongside the Toyota Mirai we couldn’t resist displaying another modern vehicle that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, and the one we’ve chosen is the Hyundai Nexo. Launched in 2018, it boasts the stylish crossover look that appeals to so many of today’s car buyers.

It isn’t the company’s first experiment with the technology as they previously installed a fuel cell in the ix35 compact SUV, but the key difference is that the Nexo sits on a bespoke platform. Stylish and aerodynamic, we think it looks great.

But it is the technology within that fascinates us, and it works in just the same way as that found in the Toyota. Here, the fuel cell sends the electricity it produces to a 120kW electric motor that’s assisted by a 1.56kWh high-voltage battery pack and Hyundai claim a range of 414 miles. Performance is punchy, too, with 0-62mph achieved in 9.5 seconds.

The Nexo isn’t just about technology beneath the skin, though, as there is plenty more to be found within the cabin. You’ll find all of the feature-packed electronic displays and connectivity that so many of today’s motorists expect, and while it is certainly a far cry from the interior of a traditional classic it does all look rather impressive.

And we are pretty sure that you won’t find one particular feature on any other car at this year’s show. Remote Smart Park Assist allows the Nexo to park or move out of a space without the driver being at the wheel!

And Hyundai has also decided to take a more sustainable approach when it comes to the cabin materials. Here, you’ll discover the use of vegan leather as well as fibres derived from sugar cane for the headlining and floor mats, and there’s eco paint on the dashboard. This is one cutting-edge car.

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