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Car Storage Facility Requires Dehumidification To Protect Luxury Cars

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Car Storage Facility Requires Dehumidification To Protect Luxury Cars
Image of Jaguar in dehumidifier car storage facility with ductwork blowing in dehumidified air


Over the last few years, Humidity Solutions has installed a number of dehumidifiers for car storage companies. However, our client a large car storage facility, was one of the more unique applications. This is because their storage facility sits inside an old Victorian farm building.

The historical building was used to house grain, shire horses and livestock. However, this has now been converted into a state-of-the-art dehumidified car storage facility. The facility can store up to 40 luxury classic and vintage cars. The old brickwork and timber ceiling combined with the shiny cars and galvanised ductwork make it an aesthetically pleasing combination of traditional and industrial, old and new. Therefore making it the perfect setting for car owners to leave their prized possessions and with stable humidity control at 55% relative humidity, they can feel confident their investments are well looked after.


To ensure the safety of cars, it is important to store them in a dehumidified environment. If there is too much dampness and humidity in the room it causes corrosion, rusting and faulty electrics. Leather will deteriorate or mould and veneer finishes will warp.

Before the conversion of the building, the owner had noticed that the walls were prone to condensation. Being a car collector and enthusiast himself, he knew the building required dehumidification and came to Humidity Solutions for advice.  

The Cotes C65 Desiccant Humidifier was recommended by Managing Director, John Barker following an onsite consultation. The Cotes C65 modular unit incorporates a heat recovery module as default functionality to improve energy efficiencies. This makes it the most energy efficient mid-sized dehumidifier on the market. Humidity Solutions are exclusive distributors of the Danish brand, Cotes, who manufacture a range robust, high quality and energy efficient dehumidifiers.


After a successful installation from the team at Humidity Solutions, the facility is now operating as a dehumidified storage facility, focusing on classic and prestige vehicles. Douglas Dyas, director and owner said: “We partnered with Humidity Solutions because they were fast, flexible and offered complete reassurance. John came out to the site and understood our project, which made things a lot easier for me. My experience is not in humidity control, so having John look at the entire project as a whole was incredibly helpful”.

John Barker commented: “It’s really exciting to see the end product come to life. The mixture of the old building combined with industrial elements makes this a really impressive car storage facility. I’m delighted that the humidity control has ensured his customers feel confident their cars and investments are well looked after.”

Humidity Solutions helps many different industries achieve their correct environmental conditions, taking all parameters into consideration. Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your requirements by calling 01372 571200 or email


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