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Classic Motor Show 2022

03 Mar 2023

Caravan gas explosion fire

Gloss Fireaction Ltd Stand: TV174
Caravan gas explosion fire
FSS saves motorhome
FSS saves motorhome!

In June 2022, there was a small gas explosion behind a fridge in a caravan, which then consequently caused a fire.
The couple who owned the caravan, who were inside at the time of the explosion, escaped unharmed, alerted surrounding residents to the situation. The alerted neighbours elected to help with their traditional extinguishers, and disconnecting the mains and
isolating the gas. As you can tell by the photo, one of the extinguishers used on the outside was a foam extinguisher and the other was a powder extinguisher, that used on the inside (not pictured). Unfortunately, the traditional extinguishers had little to no effect on the fire, as they were unable to get behind and in to the cavity behind the fridge. In addition, the fridge was unable to be moved out of the way to gain better access to the space behind.
Clive, the owner of a Fire Safety Stick heard the explosion and rushed to help the neighbours in need. When arriving he quickly realised that the traditional extinguishers, that had been used, were not able to reach the fire, that was soon going to be bigger and more than unsafe to tackle.
Clive then proceeded to activate his FSS100 (100 second Fire Safety Stick) and successfully extinguish the fire that was in the cavity, but he continued to use the entire discharge time to prevent reignition.
This was all achieved because the gas produced from the Fire Safety Stick was able to weave its way in to the cavity and reach the source of the flames, whereas a traditional extinguisher needed a direct line of sight/attack to produce the same or similar results.
We are very proud that the Fire Safety Stick was able to help and prevent further loss of property, and in addition that nobody was hurt during the event!
Email from Clive, describing the event in his own words:
‘Hi, I wanted to say how good the Fire (Safety) Stick was this evening whilst out in our Motorhome enjoying an early evening BBQ.
(We) heard a bang and a scream from a neighbouring caravan. The couple were inside when there was a gas explosion, (they) both managed to escape unharmed but the flames took hold in the cavity behind the fridge.
Several guys ran to rescue disconnecting the mains electric and isolating the gas. The fire stick worked wonders in the cavity reaching areas (the) traditional extinguishers would not have been able to reach. (I) Certainly recommend them to everyone to have one close to hand.
Not sure if you remember, (but) I only purchased it from you two weeks ago at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC.’
Please note some grammar alterations were made for legibility

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