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Classic Motor Show 2022

01 Jul 2021

Classic Tracker Case Study – Theft Recovery

Classic Tracker Ltd Stand: TV96
Classic Tracker Case Study – Theft Recovery
You own a classic, don’t make it history….
On a night, no different from any other.....

On a night, no different from any other, our customer was woken by an app-notification on his mobile phone; “MG BGT exiting SafeZone - Home”. His MG BGT classic car had been removed from his garage by a thief whilst he slept. The assailant having successfully pulled the vehicle from the garage in silence, had subsequently ‘hot-wired’ his 1968 classic pride & joy and was driving at speed away from the owner.

Unlike the greater majority of conventional trackers, the Classic Tracker fitted to his MG also had a remotely controlled immobiliser supplied as standard with each Classic Tracker SAFER bundle. Immediately upon receiving the notification, he opens the app, sees the car moving in real-time on the map and he subsequently flips a switch. The car which is now less than 200 yards from his home is brought to rest as a result. He then runs in the darkness towards his car which as he approaches, is being cranked over-and-over as the thief tries to restart the engine – but it won’t start as our customer has disabled the ignition from the Classic Tracker app. As he nears the vehicle, the thief jumps out of the car and runs away from the scene into the dark night. Our customer re-flips the switch on his app, reenabling the cars’ ignition. He starts the car normally and returns the car to his garage, entirely unscathed. Finally, he reported the theft to the police and returned to his bed.

With three service packages ranging from simple SMS text message movement-alerts, to live tracking with anti-jamming & power tamper alerts and a premium service involving incident interaction with local Police forces. Classic Tracker have things covered.

Classic Tracker starts at £199

The details of our customer, the incident and his vehicle remain anonymous in order to preserve confidentiality & privacy.


You own a classic, don’t make it history….

Classic Tracker Ltd.
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