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Classic Motor Show 2022

Humidity Solutions Protects Classic Car From Condensation In Residential Garage

Humidity Solutions Stand: 1-360
Humidity Solutions Protects Classic Car From Condensation In Residential Garage


Our client saw severe condensation build-up on his classic car and other surfaces in his garage during the winter. Condensation was forming on his car surfaces, caused by large temperature swings resulting in the dew point (high humidity) being achieved. Moisture in the air causes mould, rust, and deterioration of hygroscopic materials such as leather and wood veneers on dashboards and fascia.


The Jaguar XJ is housed in a well-sealed 70m3 garage with no ventilation or heating, making the desiccant technology the correct solution, as refrigerant dehumidifiers lose their efficiency if the ambient temperature drops below 12C. The calculated duty of moisture removal is 0.55 kg/hr, making the Cotes CR240 unit perfect for this application. Its maximum extraction of 0.8kg/hr and air movement of 240 m3/hr ensures good air recirculation around the garage.

Installation was straightforward, with the fitter able to lift the 11kg dehumidifier into place without needing a second person, so the lightweight design meant a cost-effective price. A DR10 Humidi-stat was used to provide automatic control to maintain a stable 50% relative humidity.


The customer was so pleased, he subsequently purchased a Cotes CR400B for an adjacent garage, which in this instance, is protecting an AC Cobra and Ferrari 550 Maranello.

After the process was complete, Mr Windsor said:

‘I am delighted with Humidity Solutions service and support and the Cotes dehumidifier installed in my garage, they are straightforward to install and operate. I can rest easy knowing they will keep my investments safe for years to come’.


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