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Classic Motor Show 2022

Rally Car Saved From Oil Fire

Gloss Fireaction Ltd Stand: TV174
Rally Car Saved From Oil Fire
AFF handheld extinguisher had little effect...
Rally Car Saved From Oil Fire

Andy Ward wrote to Fire Safety Stick with the following Testimonial:
Martin Farrar, the guy who I’ve co-driven for, for the last 26 years bought the FSS direct from you I think at the Autosport Show at the NEC IN 2019 but it was only back in April 2022, I got round to fitting it the car on the roll cage above my head to be in easy reach of both of us.
It was the last stage when the incident occurred, we were in 3rd place which we were trying to maintain against stiff Fiesta R5 opposition.
Coming out of the first chicane from the start we nudged a bale which must have moved the bumper and wing enough to rip the oil line off our oil cooler.
We instantly saw smoke coming from the bonnet vents and Martin noticed the oil pressure had dropped to zero, so he cut the engine and we coasted to a halt at a nearby marshal post.
I grabbed the AFF handheld extinguisher and aimed it under the car and through the bonnet louvres bit it had little effect. In the meantime, Martin had got the Fire Safety Stick and after gingerly opening the bonnet doused the engine bay with the contents of the FSS which worked a treat and killed the fire almost instantly.
The fire has melted the radiator cooling fans and burnt through the Kevlar power steering belt and that’s just what we could immediately see.
As we lost most of the oil, it’s an engine out job and check over up at TEG but without an FSS it could have been much worse.

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