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Classic Motor Show 2022

Galton - Four-Post Parking Lift

Strongman Tools Stand: 1-50
  • Galton - Four-Post Parking Lift
  • Galton - Four-Post Parking Lift
Galton - Four-Post Parking Lift Galton - Four-Post Parking Lift

The GALTON 4 Post Car Parking Lift is a straightforward parking lift which is designed to deliver all the advantages of a parking hoist economically and without fuss or fluster.

Whilst being used it’s advisable to give some thought about how best to fill in the centre section, there’s the option to buy Plastic drip trays or metal infills. Metal infill is a great option if the car is used primarily as a Parking Lift but not that advisable if you also use the lift to carry out maintenance – those infill panels can be pretty heavy.

Another consideration is how flat is the floor, ideally, the floor should be flat, level and smooth but if that’s not possible then the design on this Galton with its ladder rack system, can help a fair bit in getting the lifts set up and working well.

The adjustable locking ladder system allows you to change the locking interval positions of the platform height.


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