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The dirtiest EVER Mercedes car detailing transformation. Insane dog hair and deep clean. DISGUSTING!

Duel Autocare Ltd Stand: TV93

Hello, and welcome to part 1 of our brand new series, I'm A Detailer, Get Me Out Of Here! In this series, we will tackle some of the most disgusting, filthy and dirtiest detailing jobs you have ever seen! Using the incredible range of detailing products and accessories from Duel Autocare, we will be restoring the most unloved and filthy vehicles back to as near as perfect as we can within our time frame. In this first episode, we will get to grips with this Black Mercedes C220 Estate. This car hadn't been cleaned for years by the owner's own admission. The interior was nothing less than a great big hairy mess! The owner's four Border Collies ensured every conceivable inch of the interior was covered in muddy paw prints, mess, and of course, mountains of dog hair! Sam and Jake quickly got to work on the vehicle's exterior before focusing on the interior space. As you can see from the video, bags and bags and bags full of clothes, shoes, rubbish and all manner of grimy belongings. 


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