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Each year the Practical Classics Magazine team aims to restore a car over the three days of the show!
This year they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Marina… by making one!

Exactly 50 years on from the first car rolling off the production line, the Discovery Live Stage will present another one being built, over three days. Teams from Practical Classics Magazine and the Morris Marina Owner’s Club and Ital Register will frantically try to revive a 1971 1.3 Coupe which hasn’t run for 30 years, restoring it to perfection in front of the live audience. 

The car is the second oldest production Coupe known to the club and has been brought back from barnfind condition in readiness for this challenge by Practical Classics editor Danny Hopkins.
In previous years, the Practical Classics team have restored a Jaguar E-Type, a Morris Minor, a Riley and many more. The idea is always to drive the car off the stage on the last day of the show, which sometimes goes to plan...

Previous Practical Challenge Projects

The team triumphed with the Triumph Spitfire in 2011, made mincemeat of the Morris Minor Van in 2012, marvelled at the MG in 2013, were victorious with the VW Beetle in 2014, and maxed out the MX-5 in 2015. In 2017, Practical Classics magazine took on the almighty challenge to recreate Mr Bean's Mini.

Mr Bean’s Mini is a TV prop as iconic Arkwright’s till or Dr Who’s tardis and this particular example is particularly unique, as it once belonged to Rowan Atkinson’s son. 

"It’s the closest there has ever been to Mr Bean’s actual Mini!" said Practical Classics editor Danny Hopkins. "Having been owned by the Atkinson’s family, we  bought the car as a bit of a wreck. It needed a lot of work, which we couldn't wait to do on the Discovery Live Stage."

Once rebuilt, the car was presented to the crowds of onlookers, resplendent in its applejack paint job and dinky 10-inch wheels and subsequently driven smoothly off stage!

Come and see a classic be restored at the Practical Classics Practical Challenge on the Discovery Live Stage

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