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Mike Brewer

Mike Brewer

TV Presenter, Mike Brewer Motoring

Mike Brewer is a well-known presenter of television motoring programmes.

Surrounded by motors all his life Mike discovered his passion for motoring as a teenager and knew this would be his career. 

He entered the motor trade, quickly building a reputation for being sharp and honest, and had the biggest 4×4 centre in the south of England up and running in no time, importing cars from around the globe.

Mike embarked on his television career through pure luck. He answered a friend’s telephone and discovered he was talking to a television producer. A long chat and a few anecdotes ensued, and he was hired for the first series of Deals On Wheels.

He has worked on a number of shows, but it was Discovery’s Wheeler Dealers that struck the heart and the toolbox of petrolheads all over the world.  Working with Edd China, Mike and the team have made 13 series, 135 episodes, and restored 100 cars to create the show. At the end of series 13, Edd decided to leave the show and was replaced with fellow British mechanic and car designer Ant Anstead.

Such is the success and global appeal of Wheeler Dealers, Mike created Wheeler Dealer Trading Up, a series that showcases his motoring knowledge, an eye for a bargain and his selling skills as he trades cars around the world.

In 2010, Mike took on his biggest motoring challenge ever – Frontline Battle Machines. He travelled to the frontline in war-torn Afghanistan to see what machinery the troops had to work with in one of the most dangerous places on earth. He got more than he bargained for when he was caught in an attack and won a new legion of fans with soldiers all over the world grateful for his insight into their working conditions.

In Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Mike Brewer is revving up for his toughest motor mission yet: to help hapless petrolheads trade up their unwanted vehicles to the car of their dreams. Along with his trusted mechanic, Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley, he meets clients and finds inventive ways to add value to their existing vehicle. He then flips it for a profit, reinvesting the proceeds in a series of trade ups that result in a dream car. From auctions and salvage yards to the workshop, Mike exposes the secrets of trading up, as he reveals how to add value, read markets and make deals so that owning that dream car could finally become a reality. 


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